Tips | This is how to wear heels comfortably

Wearing heels is an art. An art that is about 80% desire and 20% skill. So, if you desire to do so, here are some artful tricks that you can use to skillfully navigate those heels.

Tip #1

I never wear my heels out on the town when they’re fresh out of the box. I always, and I mean ALWAYS, break-in my heels at home before wearing them out. I break them in by shoving a balled up pair of gym socks into the front of my new shoes. I let them sit that way for a day or two. After this, I put on the above mentioned socks and slip on my semi broken-in heels. I walk around the house like this for about a half an hour or sit on the couch and catch up on some Netflix for an hour.

Tip #2

I’m all about the insert. Name an insert and it’s probably in one of my shoes right now.

For my pumps, I use heel liner inserts. They help my heel stay securely in my shoe and help prevent heel blisters.
For my peep-toes, I use ball of foot cushions. When wearing peep-toes, my feet love sliding all the way to the front of my shoe. Not only is this super uncomfortable, it also causes my toes to hang off of the front of my shoe – which is a big ‘No Bueno’ for me. Therefore, ball of foot cushions are a must for my peeps.
For my sandals, I use a small open shoe insole. Sandals, especially strappy ones, are really unpredictable. You just don’t know which strap or buckle will end up bringing the pain. So, I make the bottom of my foot as comfy as possible and pad or stretch the problem areas as I locate them. I also make sure that my insole is not visible through my shoe.

Keep in mind that you should apply your insoles to a clean surface. If you’ve already worn the shoes that you want to place the insert in, clean the area with isopropyl alcohol prior to attaching the insert. Usually, you only get one shot to get the placement right.

Tip #3

I know my limits. Through experimenting with various heel heights, I know the height that is most comfortable for me and do not go above that. A pair of heels does not need to be sky high to be sexy. Plus, looking unstable in your heels is a quick way to cancel out the impact of even the fiercest pair of heels.


Happy Walking!


Source: Nu Sophisticate (Adapted)