This is how to repair your own heels

A loyal high heel lover knows well how fast your favorite shoes can wear down. Instead of leaving those worn down heels in the closet or walking around on the metal points until you can afford to repair them, why not just do it yourself? Trust us ladies, you can do this and you can’t mess it up!

First things first, you need to find new heel tips to put on your heels. This is the little plastic/ rubber part on the bottom of the stiletto. This little piece of plastic helps to cushion the metal spike that is the heel and allows for more traction. They are easy to replace, here’s how you do it:

Find the Right Size Heel Tip

This can be a bit tricky but luckily the Heels’R Us website walks you through it step my step. We not only sells heel tips but we will also tell you how to measure and repair your shoes using a Typesheet that you can download and print to measure your heel tips so you know you’re buying the right ones.

Buy New Tips

There are a couple of ways to go about this. If you have more than one pair of heels to repair (who doesn’t) then buying your heel tips in sets will save you some money. You can find sets easily on our site!
If you only need one pair of heel tips then you can either go to your local shoe repair store and buy them or you can again order them online. Be sure to not let the store convince you to let them fix it though, you can do this on your own for much cheaper!

Repair the Tip

HeelsRTips-Vervanghakjes_klein2You’re going to need a pair of pliers to help you remove the old heel tips. Chances are they are pretty deformed and doing some interesting things down there so beware it might not be easy, but they will come out. Once you have the old tips out, take the new tips and slide the pin into the hole you just cleared. Use a hammer to push the tips into place and be sure that they are all the way in. A couple of whacks and you are all done!

Congratulations! You just fixed your own high heels! Now, go tell a friend and let’s stop this over priced shoe repair madness!

Happy Walking!

Main Source: Shoe Digest; Edited by Heels’R Us