Super duper easy peasy fancy up your block heels DIY

From platforms to wedges to our block-heeled sandals, we’ve got a lot of chunky shoes hiding away at the bottom of our closets. And, though the trend pendulum has been swinging toward skinny, pin-thin heels, that doesn’t mean we’d like to dump all our old shoes into the river. In fact, the quickest way to make something feel all new and shiny again is to literally make it more shiny. Feel that? That’s your glue-gun finger getting trigger itch.

Teen Vogue pulls off one super-easy DIY that’ll give your chunky heels another opportunity to shine. Using just craft-store rhinestones and a glue gun, they turned a regular silver sandal into something nearly Prada-esque. And trust, it is so fast, so satisfying, and so easy, you’ll find yourself thinking of different ways to bedazzle every single item you own. As responsible craft addicts, we needed to say that — so when you’ve started affixing plastic hearts to your microwave and diamonds to your TV, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. Click through for the full DIY. (Teen Vogue)


Happy Walking!

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