Sssssilent heeltips – For a quiet walk

Apart from avoiding uncomfortable heels – I am always aware of my noisy step. That’s why I am always looking for even the smallest technology, we can use for our Heels’R Us collection.

replace high heels silent heel tipsSince high heels with a built-in technology aren’t common (except for these), you can easily create your quiet step yourself with our silent heeltips.  This results in very quiet heels with a patent-pending technology built right into the heel tips.

Why would I want to have quiet heels?

  • Going out/coming home & don’t want to wake up kids or roommates? Check!
  • Want to walk around your office & not attract undue attention? Check!
  • Live in an apartment building & want to keep the peace with the neighbors downstairs? Check!
  • Need to sneak up on someone & scare the life out of them? Check!

How’s that working?

Here is a nice video about a super fashionable lady who is changing the heel tips of her very cool Louboutins:

Ready to order?

The quiet replacement heel tips are currently available in 5 sizes. Soon, we will have even a bigger collection!

Happy Walking!

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