Why spending almost €10 on high heel protectors is a good idea

If you think I’m writing about paying for true love, that’s true, sort of.

For €9.95 you may fall in love with Heels’R Safe, a nifty idea to keep your high heels from getting damaged, sinking into a crack on the sidewalk, into soil or grass, a subway grate, or a even getting stuck between the slats of a wooden deck (yes, I’ve actually left an entire shoe behind in one of those)!
Heels’R Safe are such a simple idea, I really can’t believe I hadn’t seen them before this. But before you stumble (er..I mean stut) out on the next big events of 2015 in your beloved, fabulous heels, slip on a pair of Heels’R Safe and save the heels from getting knicked and ripped up.

And, if you’re going to someone’s house where they are finicky about the click, click, click of heels on their floors, or they’re worried about heels ripping their rugs and carpets, you can assure them that your heels won’t do any damage.
The idea is simple. You slip the little plastic sleeve over the heels of your shoes. The Heels’R Safe fits most heels at about 3/8″.
Louboutin-Lace-Up-HeelsThere isn’t any “glue” or sticky tape required that could gunk up your heels, you simply press down with you heel into the protector to secure it to the base. When it is time to remove it.

Bottom Line: If you’re going to be in a situation where you know you are going to possibly ruin your shoes, or you walk a lot in urban areas where cracks and grates are shoe saboteurs, it’s worth the €10 to try at pair. Wear test them before your big event so you know they are a good fit for the shoe you’re wearing.

Happy Walking!