Here is the secret our stars use every day while wearing high heels

High Heels are never not testing our threshold for pain, which is why we’ll never understand how stars wear 3-inch (or higher!) stilettos day in, day out—no matter what the circumstances. In honor of their dedication, we’re looking back at every time a celeb has done something wondrous in heels.

They use it on a lovely hike in the mountains, while walking the dog, while at Glastonbury Festival (ohoh Kardashian), while golving (Ivanke Trump), while walking in the snow, going to the beach, playing hockey, being pregnant (respect ;)), and finally, while walking on cobblestones (although the latter can be easily done with a pair of Heels’R Safe.

At leat half of them is using Heels’R Us’ famous inserts for high heels. You wouldn’t want your feet getting hurt, right?

Happy Walking!

Source: Marie Claire