Sandal Trends- 2014 Heels, Slides, And Flats

That first day that it’s warm enough to break out the sandals is one of our favorites every year. After months of being buried in socks and shoes, the tops of our feet feel the sunshine, and a special sort of glee shakes loose. It’s such a rewarding sense of freedom, it almost makes suffering through the six-month chill worth it.

This season, there are dozens of strong sandal trends to pick between that really run the gamut. Ugly Shoes fans will be happy to see that last year’s rise of the Birkenstock has created a new species of delightfully clunky clodhoppers. Those with daintier tastes will love all the femme-but-unfussy styles that’ll help class up any summer look. So, come celebrate open-toe season with a new pair that’s actually worthy of such an auspicious occasion — we’re sure there’s something for everyone on this list.

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