*NEW COLOR* Sssilent Replacement Tips – Soft Step

The Soft Step Sssttt Replacement Tips. A replacement tip just a good as our original, but with a super silent bottom. Going out/coming home & don’t want to wake up kids or roommates? Check! Want to walk around your office & not attract undue attention? Check! Live in an apartment building & want to keep the peace…


Looking for heeltips that are noise reducing? Our silent replacement heeltips are created with noise reducing technology built right into the heel tips.

Heel tips wear down gradually over time, and if they are not changed you can do serious damage to your shoes and your feet. You should change your heel tips when only 2-3 mm of it are left. At the very latest you should replace them when the metal rod of your stiletto is showing through or the heel tip has broken.

And to be honest, you just know it when you need to replace your heel tip. Look for your size here & order right away!

You can do it! Just replace your heeltips yourself!

Our replacement tips are suitable for heels between 7 & 22mm. Just use our sizing chart for precise sizing, shapes & colors.

How to replace your heel tips – Tools

To replace a pair of heel tips you need:
– a pair of pliers (and a strong wo(man).
– A hammer might come in easy, though it is not entirely necessary.


Before ordering any heel tips, we recommend to follow step 1 & 2 first. Sometimes the heel tips just won’t come out. That might be the case if an overactive cobbler or manufacturer has glued your heel tip or your heel tip is just too worn down… The only option will be to visit the cobbler.. If you managed to pass steps 1 & 2, then you are ready to get your new heel tips!

The four steps
1. With your pliers try to get a hold of the old heeltip and pull it out.
2. Revolve leftwards if the old heel tip doesn’t come out right away. Eventually the tip will come out.
3. Simply replace the old heel tip with the new one and use a hammer to drive it into the heel of your shoe.
4. If you don’t have a hammer just step into your high heels and use your own weight!

Additional information

Weight 12 g





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Size Pin

3 – 3,2 mm



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