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Feeling a burning sensation in your feet while wearing heels? These inserts are made for you!  Our Pop-Art Cloud inserts are made against painful feet while weargin high heels. They are soft, made from Poron®,  a super shock absorbing material, and the will be matching perfect with your heels.

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Ball of Foot inserts

Satisfaction Guarantee – unconditional guarantee on your Inserts.
Stop Feet Sliding Forward – feel comfortable in your shoes.
Prevent Toe Overhang and Toe Scrunch – wear your shoes in comfort.
Made from PORON – a high performance urethane material.
Repels Moisture, Bacteria and Odour – no more smelly feet.
Shock Absorbing – prevent painful damage to your feet.
Prevent Runs – Inserts prevents runs in your hosiery.
Each single pack of Inserts contains 2 cushions for 1 pair of shoes.

Step in style with these Pop-Art Ball of Foot inserts and go from working all day to dancing the night away! Virtually invisible in all of your shoes.
Inserts help prevent calluses from forming, protect bones and tissue, and cushion the sensitive ball-of-foot area. Inserts help to prevent metatarsal pain. Try them with your hosiery to stop runs and prevent slipping and sliding.

No slipping feet…

Do you know the feeling of slipping away from your shoes? Of have your shoes been a bit to wide or large? Use our inserts designed for the bottom of you feet. Your feet will instantly be relieved feeling the softness and your feet will stay into your shoes instead of hanging out…

The Inserts are available per pair in black – the best colour in the world! Or, do you prefer to have some inserts in stock? We have them also in a triple pack. That is cheaper & will provide each of your heels to have a supersoft layer!

How to use?

Each pack of our inserts contains one pair. The backing has an adhesive tape, which you can easily attach in your shoes or heels. They will fit perfectly! These inserts aren’t suitable for recycling into another pair of shoes, because the adhesive layer won’t be sticky enough. Though, the inserts will stay soft forever!

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