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Leave your tattered, scuffed high heels behind and make your shoes last longer by using Heels’R Tube high heel protectors for stiletto heels. No more fear of escalators! The Heels’R Tube high heel protectors are available in two colors, which will suit every high heel. We recommend black for black heels, and transparent for all…


No more scrapes, scuffs and scratches!

It’s no secret that we get attached to our shoes. After finding the perfect pair, matching them with our outfits, and spending time breaking them in, we want them to last as long as possible. With our high heel protectors, you can seamlessly and affordably extend the life of your favorite heels.

It’s almost invisible!

Our clear adhesive heel protectors are applied directly to the heel of your shoe to create a barrier against scuffs, tears and daily wear and tear, keeping your high heels looking like new. our are a smart investment in the life of your shoes.
Just apply heat to the tubes and they will shrink until they will have a perfect hugging fit with your heels.

Attention! Our tubes aren’t suitable for snake skin, sueda and satin or silk heels!

Heels’R Tube – High Heel Protectors

The Heels’R Tube High Heel Protectors are easy to apply, innovative protectors for the most vulnerable part of your heels: the stiletto. These tubes are thin, and will hug your heels instantly. At the same time they are strong and will protect your high heels from the mean outside world… Like those mean irregularities in the street or what to think of the escalator? No need to explain more!

The Heels’R Tube high heel protectors will fit high heels between 6 & 24mm (about 0.2′-0.9′). And if your protectors get a bit old, you can just easily replace them with your other pair you received with your order.
Heels’R Tube – Shoe Heel Protectors

  • Easy to fit – Heels’R Tube shrink to your heel size & shape for an invisible fit. Just apply heat!
  • No more damaged heels – from grass, gravel, wood decks, street grates, sidewalk cracks, cobblestones and more! Prevent costly heel repairs now.
  • Discreet appearance when applied – they won’t distract from the style of your heels.
  • Suitable for any type of heel material or colour – leather, suede, patent.
  • Each pack covers up to 4 pairs of heels – depending on how short you cut the Heels’R Tubes during fitting
  • Keep your shoes looking like new
  • Will fit nearly all heel widths and heights – just cut to length you wish to protect, then shrink! No glues or sticky residues required to protect your heels!

Colour Options

Use clear Heels’R Tube for all coloured heels and black Heels’R Tube for black heels.

Detailed Directions for Use

CUT THE HEEL PROTECTOR TO SIZE – Select the diameter of the heel protector for your treasured shoe – it will shrink up to 50% during fitting so allow space between the heel and the protector for shrinkage to occur.
Using sharp scissors cut the protector to the desired length, depending on how much protection you need. Average is 1.5 to 3cm per heel.

PLACE HEEL IN THE PROTECTOR – Holding your shoe on its side, slip the protector over the heel and position it over the area you want to keep damage free.

APPLY HEAT TO PROTECTOR TO SHRINK – With your hair dryer on high heat, aim the jet at the protector, slowly moving around the heel to heat all sides until it shrinks completely to fit your heel! The longer you heat the protector the more snug the fit. We recommend 30-60 seconds for most hair dryers.

SHRINKS TO EXACT HEEL SIZE IN SECONDS – Once it has shrunk, it will stay in place until you remove it. Do not try to adjust the positioning of the protector when it has been applied, unless you are removing it.

TO REMOVE & REPLACE: Using small sharp scissors, cut a small slit at the top or bottom of the protector (making sure you do not cut your heel!). Carefully separate the protector with your fingers by pulling it apart. Then replace with a new Heels’R Tube to keep your shoes looking fabulous!


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