The after-party exercise for sore heeled feet

It’s fine if you’re not on board with our mission to live in spandex and sneakers (Halloween costumes included). But, for the days you insist on sporting high heels, at least keep your feet happy by including a few ankle-strengthening exercises in your routine. These moves can work wonders.

h9991710_001_piHere’s simple exercise you can do before bed: Take a resistance band and wrap it around the ball of one foot. Extend that leg in front of you and begin to slowly point and flex your foot.

To integrate ankle training into your regular workout, try the single-leg deadlift, which also works your entire posterior chain. Start with just your body weight and focus on stabilizing through your standing leg. “It will work with shoes on, but with shoes off, you will really force all the intricate muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle to engage and work more efficiently.” But, don’t get any ideas: Running in heels is not recommended.


Happy Walking!

Original post: Refinery 29 This is a repost – originally posted October 2014