Guide to the best high heel protectors. Ever.

We have compiled an extensive guide to create your own high heel protectors via DIY or to show you where to get the best protectors available!

And you know, you van easily DIY your own protectors! Which is perfect when you need your protectors right now and you forgot to order them. Check out the ultimate free high heel protector.

Free High Heel Protectors

1. The cork high heel protector

Geniale Hakbeschermers van Kurk

This is the most genius high heel protector I have ever encountered.

Here are the quick directions. For more detailed info, check out Climer Photography.

Step One: Cut the cork in half

Step Two: Take one of the halves you cut and place your drill bit in the center [use a solid work surface for the cork to sit on, or if you do your crafting in the middle of the living room like I do, be sure to put down a piece of paper to catch the cork scraps.

Step Three: Carefully begin drilling into the sliced portion of one half of the cork. Drill till you leave about 3mm at the bottom – this will be between your heel and the ground.

Step Four: Fit your heel into the hole and drill larger, deeper, or wider, being careful to keep the hole a tight fit on your heel, and deep enough it takes a good pull to get it off your heel.

Step Five: Repeat Steps 3 & 4 on the other cork halve.

Step Six: Slide both cork halves onto each perspective heel and try them on! You will naturally push the heel down into the cork further when you stand, creating an even walking ground, as if you are walking on the ground minus the cork, but protecting your heels from sinking.

2. DUCT Tape

Handige anti-slip tapeDuct Tape has SO MANY USES. It is naturally anti-slip, has perfect sticking abilities, so it will always work, even in moist conditions (read rain), just perfect for another emergency project.

Bonus tip

If your feet are slipping inside your heels, just fold the tape in such a way that all sides are sticky. Place it into your heels, so that your feet and heels are sticked.

If your soles are slippery, stick it on the bottom of your shoes. If your heels really use some protection, tape the lower half of the heels. For a really short time, just for an extra precaution.

Delivered to your doorstep high heel protectors

Or, if you are right on time, your protectors are easily shipped to your home address. .

1. The high heel hugger

high heel protctorThese tubes will hug your heels forever, so that scratches won’t occur on your heels. At Heels’R Us, we have 2 types of high heel protectors, the tubes will provide your heels with enduring protectors. The Heels’R Tube melt around your heels and will provide your heels with a second skin.

2. A slip on & off high heel protector

If your prefer a protector like the cork version above, check our Heels’R Safe high heel protectors. Perfect for more uneven surfaces. Slip on & off in no time and still perfectly protected.

Happy Walking!