About Heels’R Us

This is how it allll started…

There is nothing more annoying then ruining a pair of heels that you love. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a good shoe is limited when you live in a place with variable weather conditions and terrain (like here in Holland :)). Whether it be rain, snow, grass, dirt or cobblestone, all of these factors are deadly to a good pair of heels.

It will safe your heels & be subtle at the same time

That is where Heels’R Us’ high heel protectors came in! Our innovative shoe care technology designed for women has made our protectors famous and has been a god send to shoes all over the world!

Our high heel protectors first introductions was our slip-on heel protector, which was designed to prevent heels from sinking into the grass. Or, you can also use them as additional protection for heels in a more urban environment. I have a bad tendency of getting my heels stuck in the grills of an escalator or scraping them on the cement as I speed to and from my meetings. Our slip on high heel protector helps protect the heel and prevent this type of damage.

And there is more!

As we grew within the high heel world we realized there was a need for other sorts, more permanent version of high heel protectors, but also for the best high quality replacement tips, so you can avoid lines at the cobbler!

Our items appeared to fulfill the desires of women all over the world by catering to their shoe care needs. The tubes are for instance perfect for keeping my favorite suede & leather heels safe as I ventured throughout the city this week.
Our kissable heel inserts will prevent your heels from getting blisters all over!

Also, have you noticed how cute the design for our inserts is? It’s pure black, but with a twist: either a cloud for painfull ball of foot or lips that will kiss your heels all day…

I mean who isn’t a sucker for a product that’s as pretty as it is practical??

Happy Walking!

Kris | Founder Heels’R Us