Replacement Tips

Why we only carry Supertap Replacement Tips

vervanghakjesSUPERTAP dowel lifts are made of high quality polyurethane and are characterized by the most extreme high abrasion resistance performance that the industry offers.

SUPERTAP manufactures its own steel pin of 3.10 mm (0.12 inches) especially designed to avoid rotation, breakage and accidental extraction when walking. Our standard material thickness of only 6 mm does not alter the position of the original level of the heel and as a consequence of the shoes.

How to

Give new life to your favorite high heels. Replace the end of the stiletto heel with TAPS. Easy and quick to install. SUPER


  • Pull out old tips with pliers.
  • With flat side of tip facing the toe, push the shaft into old hole as far as possible. make sure flat side is still facing the toe.
  • Push heel tip further into heel by stri
    king tip against a hard surface or by tapping with a hammer.

We carry different sizes. For a perfect fit, please check our Sizing Chart (print & search for the best option). When applying your new heel tips, please don’t use any glue. The metal part is created for a perfect grip. The heeltips will fit perfectly and once hammered into the heel, You don’t need to worry about them coming out.  Welcome to this very economical way to save expensive shoes!

Here is a great video which shows how to replace a high heel tip yourself (ps. in this video China-made tips are used – at Heels’R Us we only carry high quality EU made heeltips):