DIY: Tassel sandals

Have a look at this DIY from Honestly WTF – create your own tassel sandals!

I live for the moments when I come across a material or element that has the potential to spark an infinite amount of ideas. When I spotted these mini silk tassels, from this gem of an Etsy store, my rainbow-hued, tassel/pom pom loving cabeza was like: Eureka, I’ve found DIY gold! Dish towels, pillows, scarves, jewelry, baskets, totes . . . gladiator sandals, there isn’t anything I don’t wanna adorn with tassels. Especially, when they’re already made for me.

You’ll need:

  • lace up greek sandals
  • 1.25″ silk tassels (2 sets of assorted colors)
  • waxed linen thread
  • chaco liner pen
  • scissors

Double click on the images for a perfect how-to view!

(images by HonestlyWTF)

Happy Walking!