DIY Marni Jeweled Leather Sandals

These Marni inspired jeweled sandals were a no brainer. I mean, does it get any easier than gluing gemstones onto a pair of shoes?! But since I was making a pair for myself last weekend, using this season’s most comfortable and affordable sandal and high quality crystals with some extra sparkle, I figured I might as well walk you through the process. This one is a must do, y’all!

You’ll need:

Place the crystals in their settings. Use pliers to close the prongs to secure the crystals.

Squeeze a large dollop of E600 onto the backside of the crystal, without getting any glue onto the setting. This will ensure that you won’t get any glue seeping out from the sides.

If the stone slides, use a large binder clip to keep it in place until it the glue sets. Finish adding the rest of the crystals and allow to dry overnight.

Happy Walking!

From: Honestly WTF

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