DIY | The snakiest Shoe DIY ever

Inspired a little by these Snake Ankle Strap Sandals and a little more by these Alligator T-strap Sandals both by Giuseppe Zanotti and both over $1500 for the pair, I though why not make my own DIY Snake Sandals and see how they compare?

I originally was going to use the black sandals, but my gold sprayed snakes matched my gold sandals so perfectly, I opted for gold on gold. I think these would be just as cute on flats as they are on heels. But if they’re a little too exotic for your everyday wardrobe, they’d also make perfect Cleopatra shoes for Halloween.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

DIY Gold Snake Serpent Shoes-1

  • Ankle strap sandals {flats or heels will work}… you can choose to match your snake to your shoe as I have OR use contrasting colors like gold on black. I used a pair of Michael Antonio Gold Sandals I purposely bought for DIYs because they were under $20 at Amazon
  • Rubber Snakes: I used two from this Snake Nature Tube I found at the local toy store. I opted for two with their mouths open because they looked the best.
  • Spray paint color of choice. If you’re looking for a flat color, acrylic paint would work as well.
  • Needle/Thread | Sharpie | Scissors
  • Seed beads or other small beads
  • Hot Glue {mod podge would work {probably better in the long run}, but take longer to dry}
  • Optional: glitter, gems, crystals, etc. to embellish your snakes with {I did not do this, but it would be cute}


  1. Spray paint your snakes and once dry, glue on your crystals if you like.
  2. Try on your sandal and place your snake where you’d like it to sit… Stand up and move a little too. Make sure your placement isn’t too tight that it snaps off.
  3. Mark the toe strap and the ankle strap where the neck and tail where your serpent will adhere.
  4. Hot glue your snake in place {it may be easier to get the right placement if you glue it while it’s on your foot BUT BE CAREFUL!!}
  5. String your small beads onto a needle/thread or beader, and knot it so that you have a few inches extra on each end.
  6. Wrap it over the snake’s neck and around your toe strap…
  7. And knot it well beneath. Add another dab of glue beneath to secure it.
  8. Do the same over the tail at the ankle strap.

And… if you did well, just like Meagan did from Love Meagan, this will be your result. How amazing, huh?

DIY Snake Serpent shoes gold snake sandals
DIY snake shoes-serpent T -strap sandals
gold snake sandals heels
Gold Snake Sandals heels- DIY 3
gold snake serpent sandals DIY-3

Happy Walking!

Source: Love Meagan