This is how to make the marine look with your heels

A pair and a spare has made another great DIY. Perfect for summer nautical times.
The rope heel attachments are perfect on a pair of nude heels and also able to be worn around a pair of ankle boots – an all-climate project that transitions perfectly across the seasons.

You will need:
A pair of simple heels in a plain colour, preferably with an ankle strap.
Natural-coloured cotton rope
E6000 glue/ Bison Tix
Thread that matches the rope
Two lobster clasps and four large jump rings.

How to:
1. Start by cutting the rope into two pieces measuring around 70cm each (or a little more depending on your ankle size). Tape the ends so that they don’t fray.

2. Take a piece of rope and put glue on the end, and then press the ends together.

3. Repeat for the other piece of rope and then wait for them both to dry.

4. Using the thread, wrap around the tape so you can’t see the join. Secure with some glue.

5. Tie the doubled-over rope into a knot.

6. In one end, attach a jump ring.

7. In the other end attach a jump ring and lobster clasp.

8. Repeat for the other piece of rope and you should have two knotted rope anklets that can be clipped around your heels to up the summery nautical factor.

See below detailed pictures of the process!

Happy Walking!

Source: A Pair & A Spare