DIY: Bow Heels

When it comes to DIY, bow heels are about as addictive as it gets. Mainly because they’re stupidly easy to make and yet, at the same time, so effective in turning something simple into something standout. In this version we opted for a clip on style, allowing you to add and remove as you please, and upping the wearability of your favourite pumps!

You need:

  • a pair of pumps
  • a piece of leather or suede to match the material of your shoes
  • this template on A4
  • 2 shoe clips or earring clips
  • e6000 glue
  • scissors

How to:
1. Cut out your template and pin/tape it onto the leather.Cut out your leather bow
2. Create two like this
3. Place some glue into the centre of the bow.
4. Pull the tab over and glue it down.
5. Add some glue in the middle on the underside and press the clips on. Leave these to dry overnight.

Hapy Walking!

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