At a glance: the coolest inserts for your heels

It’s al about heels isn’t it? Well, at Heels’R Us we not only sell stuff, we all use it. Everyday.

Our Shoe Essential Inserts
We have thought and shaped and tested for weeks to come up with a total new shape & the latest material for our new inserts & anti skid pads. It’s for all those heel lovers around. Some people use them after pregnancy, when their feet are apparently reduced to their normal size, or in fall, when your feet are less swollen compared to the hot summer days (and you insisted on buying shoes during the summer sale).

The inserts below are the perfect addition to have you walking perfectly again!

1. Ball of Foot Cushions

That not only help to keep my feet from sliding around but are also incredibly comfortable and can keep me on my feet for hours.

2. Heel Cushions

That protect the back of your foot from sliding out of your shoe – and also happen to be super comfortable and actually STAY adhered to your shoe.

3. Anti Skid Pads


Stick to the bottom of your shoe to provide traction and prevent slipping and sliding. (Great for weddings, dances and a night out on the town.)

Happy forever walking!