At a glance: our high heel protectors – tubes

Leave your tattered, scuffed high heels behind and make your shoes last longer by using our totally undervalued heel protectors for high heels

Heels'rTube_zwartHow many times have you ruined a pair of heels with just a nick, scrape or scuff? Heels’R Us’ revolutionary new heel protectors cover the outer surface of your high heel, to guard against the hazards of everyday wear. To apply, just fit, cut to your desired protection height, apply heat & off you go!

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your shoes in the best shape. Preserve the investment that you’ve made in your high heels by using heel protection to keep them looking like new for many years to come.

How our High Heel Protectors Work

It’s no secret that, as women, we get attached to our shoes. After picking out the perfect pair, matching them with our wardrobe and spending time breaking them in, we want them to last as long as possible. With our high heel protectors, you can seamlessly and affordably extend the life of your favorite heels.

Our tubes are clear adhesive heel protectors that are applied directly to the heel of your shoe to create a barrier against scuffs, tears and daily wear and tear, keeping your high heels looking like new. The protectors are a smart investment in the life of your shoes.

How to Apply

The heel protectors are designed to be easy to apply with only a few simple steps. To apply, first make sure your heels are clean and dry. Then, fit the tube around the heel, and cut to your desired height, directly above the heel cap. Then comes the trick! Apply heat and your tubes will shrink to fit your heels perfectly!

Things to Know

  • The tubes come in packages of 2 pairs, and, there are also nice bulk discounts available! Just add to your cart and you will see the magic.
  • The tubes are almost invisible and will remain so for the life of your shoe.

How it all began…

Like many women, I enjoy beautiful shoes. Each pair of high heels has a special story of discovery and selection. Then, there are the sad stories of damaged heels from everyday encounters with common street and sidewalk hazards. Preventing these annoying and costly incidents and giving high heels a fighting chance became a personal goal. I wanted to find the very best solution. The product had to be virtually invisible and not alter the look of the shoe. It had to be durable to stand up to streets, curbs, escalators and grates, and work in all types of weather conditions. It had to be easy and quick to apply without glue or scissors. That way, if it became damaged, it could be easily removed and a new one could be applied instantly.

To pursue this tall list of strict requirements, I formed a team of experts: high heel lovers, of course the neccesary technical advisors. And…after lots of sidewalk walking – going up & down on escalators (yup even with some alcohol intake, that’s when most damage occurs :)). Our tubes were there… They are just so undervalued. Because they look like dull, ordinary plastic tubes.

BUT….nothing could be less true.

It’s the totally undervalued youngest sister of all heel protectors

They are amazing. They will always work for you. They will never let go of your heels (unless you insist on it), they are just the ultimate high heel hugging protectors.


Happy Walking!



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