Are your brand new stilettos ruined – again? Here is your solution.

Almost every fashionista has experienced the problem of coming home from a night out on the town or a luscious day of shopping just to find that her brand new stilettos have been ruined by cobbles, gravel, drain covers or escalators. A solution to this problem is the innovative product Heels’R Tube high heel protector.

Heels'rTube_zwartHeels’R Tube are tubes, made of highly advanced plastic that will seal tight around your stiletto heel when sufficient heat is applied – the recommended way to do this is with a proper hairdryer.

Heels’R Tube will prevent all those scratches and scrapes that have so many times made you wish that you hadn’t worn your favourite shoes out.

Heels’R Tube is a virtually invisible and permanent solution to this well-known problem and is made from a durable material, designed to resist almost any damage.

Once you feel that your shoes could use a new set of the Heels’R Tube – you simply make a small cut at the top of each High Heel Protector, pull them off, and replace them with a brand new pair. A simple, economical and effective solution to one of the major problems of 21st-century women.