? Bye Bye Smelly Feet ?

When a date moves from the restaurant to Netflix and chill on the couch, I panic about the inevitable shoe removal. When I fall in love with a pair of flats, I quickly remember that I only have a few wears before they start to deteriorate. Why, you ask? I have smelly, sweaty feet — to the point that they induce serious social anxiety. It’s not the sexiest issue, I know, but after realizing I’m far from being the only one in these (stinky) shoes, I took it upon myself to get to the root of the problem and find out how to stop it in its tracks.

Feet do sweat – that’s natural

It’s natural for feet to sweat, since they have more sweat glands than any other area. The sweat is typically odorless; the bitter stench usually comes when it “sits around on your clothing or on your body and the bacteria break down. So, your shoes breed bacteria after there’s an excessive buildup of sweat — and it only gets worse when feet soak in the same shoes day after day.

Here is how to keep your feet from smelling

Away with cracked feet

Moisture is the enemy of fresh feet. But I’ll be damned if I have cracking and callused skin down there — especially in the summer, when they’re often on display. Use a scrub everyday in your shower, to avoid having cracked and callused skin.

Add essential oils to a bath

Adding essential oils, like cypress or peppermint, to baths help to mask odor and keep bacteria at bay. Soak feet in a tub of warm water filled with minty bath salt that gives a relaxing, tingling sensation and a crisp scent that lingers for hours.

Kill those germs

Tea tree oil is the ultimate all-natural remedy for deodorizing and killing the bacteria that causes our facial acne, so it comes as no surprise that it works wonders on our feet, too. Plus, get your hands on a spray-on formula is especially convenient in this case, since you won’t be super excited to get all touchy-feely with smelly feet at the end of the day.

Use deo for your feet

Antiperspirants are just as effective on the bottoms of your feet as they are under your armpits. But slapping on some gel deodorant doesn’t sound like it’ll feel too comfortable. Instead, try an antiperspirant spray that dries instantly and lasts all day.

Never put your feet in damp shoes

One key rule to follow? Never, ever put your feet into damp shoes. To dry them up quickly, sprinkle deodorizing powder in your sneakers and socks to absorb moisture and mask the scent. You could also use some baking powder to catch up with smells and moisture.

Happy Walking!